Thursday, September 30, 2010

Income Levels and Food Production/Person

This amazing website, Gapminder, has assembled hundreds of thousands of pieces of data into a massive database where you, the user, can compare just about anything you want against just about anything else you want.  Was that clear enough?  If not, check out the website--it's definitely worth it to play around with the graphs yourself. 

Here's one I came up with. (Follow the link, then click the "Play" button in the bottom left hand corner of the graph.)

If this whole operation works how it's supposed to, then the graph you're looking at show the income per capita on the X-axis versus the net production per captia of food--countries USA, India and China are in yellow, blue and red, respectively, each one's 2005 population level reflected in the size of its bubble.  Get used to these graphs, because I'm  sure I'll be coming back to Gapminder again to find some more interesting stories. 

Next graph idea: by country and year, $ spent on fertilizers versus $ spent on crop insurance.  Can a graph highlight the economic wastefulness of our present food system?  I'll come back to this tomorrow.

If you have any good ideas for using Gapminder, please, share them in the comments section below...

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