Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's Sciene Fiction Is Tomorrow's Science Fact

Some wonder whether Vertical Farms are too pie-in-the-sky. Some, like me, believe the idea is too good to pass-up. The true value of Vertical Farms, according to Cliff Kuang at Fast Company, may be the jolt of creativity it delivers to a bored world:
...I'd argue that part of the reason why small projects like [window farms and rooftop farms] capture our imagination is the very existence of far-out ideas like vertical farms. Those crazy concepts give imaginative scale to your daily life. And that, in itself, is valuable, because it connects something mundane with something grand--and that's good for motivating people to change.
I think he's right. Even if Vertical Farms are years away, the idea is now out in the public domain, and it is motivating people around the world to try things they might have otherwise left alone in a dusty attic of Wouldn't-That-Be-Cools. In a world that is in dire need of some fresh thinking, having an grandiose idea out there--Vertical Farming--allows people some room for creativity. "And that's," according to Kuang, "how technology always advances."

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  1. Really like your blog. I have two companies that focus on making projects like this a reality.

    Scale is the biggest issue. Vertical Farming has a lot of "forms" it can take and can be defined in many different ways.

    It will be part of the future.