Monday, December 14, 2009

Space Jam (I prefer Raspberry)

Vertical Farming makes sense on this planet, right now. But I digress.

If you're one of those people who disagrees, who'd rather continue to depredate this planet, maybe we can find common ground in outer space.

From CNN Money's Chris Taylor:
The annals of entrepreneurship are full of world-changing ideas, pipe dreams and visionary projects plagued by missteps and skepticism. Then there's the space elevator, which is all of the above on steroids.
The principle behind a space elevator is simple enough: imagine you're holding a string with a tennis ball tied to the end of it. Now spin quickly in circles, holding the string steady in front of you like a golf club. The tennis ball floats up, and the string is taut. You're planet earth, the tennis ball is a satellite-type object that would be out in space orbiting the earth, and the string is the elevator. Sound tough to do? It is. But the possibilities afterward are pretty cool:
Because it would reduce the cost of getting people and materials to space by roughly 90%, a space elevator would...kick-start the space tourism business.
The space tourism business? So, space hotels, space spas, space restaurants? And viola: space Vertical Farms. But I say, let's perfect it here first, then try our luck in the last frontier.

If you're not on board with Vertical Farming on this planet, please at least join us in space. (Space suit not included.)

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