Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Can I Help?

As a follow-up to the last post, here's something from the Mayors Climate Protection Center:
Throughout the nation there is clear evidence that mayoral leadership is producing business and community support for policies that reduce emissions. While progress is already being made in many cities, our goal must be to increase the number of cities involved in the effort, and to equip all cities with the knowledge and tools that ultimately will have the greatest impact on undo the causes of global warming...

...The establishment of the Mayors Climate Protection Center takes us a giant step beyond advocacy of a stronger federal role in reducing emissions. It acknowledges that while mayors recognize the need for a federal partner in this effort, they cannot and will not wait to act until Washington is ready to move on this problem.
Want to know if your mayor is part of this? Check out the list.

And if you fall on the side of those who think that the food crisis is in fact a crisis of governance, and if you think pursuing Vertical Farms is the answer, maybe you should let your mayor know. Write a letter, demand it.

The Vertical Farmer says: change requires only that the next step be taken.

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